Bank al Etihad
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Assistant Branch Manager (Senior Customer Service)

Job Description and Requirements
  This role is the first touch point in handling sales requests/Activities for all branch walk in customers to provide advice to customers visiting the branch with regard to BAE products and help them make informed decisions and is responsible for making the suppport in conducting services requests in rush hours or as instructed by branch manager/Operation manager
and provide coaching to service and sales colleagues to help them improve their performance.
  1 Responsible for answering sales related enquiries and proactively build on them to identify customer need and close the sale ( follow up with sales activity – visit report )  
  2 Receives and processes CASA and CIF account opening, all loan applications, and credit cards for all segments (including: SME & Affluent customers in the absence of RM in branch).    
  3 Handles visa electron  issuance as part of account opening  
  4 Conducts daily sales calls according to proactively target leads provided from head office, referrals, or personal connections  
  5 Conducts follow-up calls with Head office and on personal e-mail related to deals fulfilment   
  6 Supports customers with the breaking of deposit certificate and fixed deposit  
  7 Responsible for opening margin accounts, certificate of deposit, and fixed deposit for customers  
  8 Fills in end of day sales report with proper recording of activities results  
  9 Provides one-to-one coaching sessions in the presence of BM once a month to inform all Customer Service employees on the appropriate behaviour expected to follow at work and with customers and personal relationships. Follows up on development of highlighted elements in consecutive coaching sessions to develop employees performance  
  10 Authorises/checks service transactions conducted by service staff, as instructed by branch manager  
  11 Conducts all service transactions in rush hours (same as service dedicated person)   
  12 Handles signature amendment and cancelation   
  13 Issues liability letter and clearance certificates upon request and processes cheques book customer requests coming from BTA  
  14 In the short term absence of the dedicated service staff, employee ensures delivery of all the service requests for branch throughout the day  
  15 In the absence of the BM, employee is designated Acting branch Manager